By the grace of God the academic Year 2013-14 was started on 6th March 2013. School is a place where talents of the students are nurtured and their personality is developed. So, like in every academic year, this academic year also the school organized various competitions to shape the personality of the students and celebrated various events and festivals. The academic session went on smoothly and we thank the Almighty for showering His blessings on us during the year.

Morning Assembly School Assembly is one of the most important aspects of a school’s curriculum. It has the potential to nurture a positive school ethos that stresses care for the self, others and the pursuit of all forms for excellence. Our assembly begins with the Morning Prayer followed by readings from scriptures. It also includes news reading, life stories of great leaders, current events and celebration of national and international days narrating inspiring anecdotes to create awareness of the importance of these days. The assembly ends by paying reverence to our country by singing the National Anthem.

Carmel Day Carmel Day was celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm in honors of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, the Patroness of our Institution on 15th July, 2013. It was a combined programme of both Hindi and English Medium Schools. A beautiful cultural programme was presented by the students. The management hoisted a tea party for the staff and sweets were distributed to the student.

Independence Day Independence day commemorates the struggle and sacrifices of our great leaders for our freedom and therefore the 67th year of India’s Independence was celebrated in our school with great Patriotic fervour on 15th August 2013. Mrs. Sunita Choubey, a retired government school teacher and an awardee of best teacher by the President of India, graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. She hoisted the national flag and a colourful cultural programme was presented by the students which included patriotic songs, dances and speeches. The Chief Guest in her address reminded the students of their responsibility towards the nation and urged them to honour and respect the freedom that we enjoy today. The Programme concluded by distributing sweets to the students. She applauded Carmel School for its contribution in the fields of education in Raigarh.

Teachers Day Teachers day is a special day for every teacher. It appreciates the vital contribution that the teachers make to education and also for their awareness and understanding so that the needs of the future generations are met. It is a memorable day for both teachers and students. Our students expressed their love, gratitude and respect by organising a cultural program on 5th September, 2013. The program began with a floral tribute to Dr. Sarvapalli Radha Krishnan, the great teacher, philosopher and former President of India on his birthday, which is celebrated as Teacher’s day. All the teachers enjoyed the program presented by the students. A delicious lunch was hoisted by the management and every teacher was presented with a gift.

Educational Tour Outdoor trips help to stimulate and reinforce a positive attitude towards education and offers opportunity for achievement to pupils across the spectrum of ability. It also helps to develop personal and social skills Keeping this in view our school organized an educational trip to the Golden triangle of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur for students of class IX to XII. About 120 students along with our Principal Sr. Basil and 11 other teachers accompanied the students on 14th October 2013. They visited all the important places and monuments of the three cities. All the students immensely enjoyed the trip. They returned on 22nd October 2013, with memorable and life enhancing experiences.

Children’s Day Children are like precious gems. They are the nation builders and responsible citizens of tomorrow. Therefore each child should be given due importance. Keeping this in mind Children’s Day was celebrated with great delight and enthusiasm in our school on 16th November 2013. The programme started with a prayer song followed by a small sweet and entertaining cultural programme by the teachers. The comedy news presented by Mrs. Kiran Mishra greatly amused the children. The programme organized by the teachers were enjoyed by the students very much. The vote of thanks was proposed by the Head Girl Ankita Sharma. Sweets were distributed to the students and the management and staff wished them good luck and success.

Annual Function The most anxiously awaited event of any school is its Annual Function. It is the event which school conducts once in a year and it brings teachers, students, parents and the management together. The celebration of annual day is crucial as it provides a platform for students to show case their talents and urges the teacher to put their best. The Annual Day of our school was celebrated on 28th November, 2013, with great enthusiasm. The Programme began with welcoming the Chief Guest, Shri Mukesh Bansal, I.A.S, Collector of Raigarh and Guest of Honour. Rev. Father Sudhir Bara Vicar General, Diocese of Raigarh. They were welcomed by the students with the traditional Karma dance of Chhattisgarh. The Principal, Sister Basil, welcomed the Chief Guest and other dignataries. The Chief Guest and the Guest of Honour were then presented with saplings. The welcome song and the cultural program brought out the theme “We are all a part of God’s great family-The World”. The dance performance of tiny tots of our Kinder Garden stole every one’s heart. The Pantomime “The Chosen Vessel” conveyed the message that God choses the humble for His great mission and not those who have a beautiful outward appearance. The different dances performed in the International Panorama mesmerized the audience. The tableau gave the message of maintaining peace and harmony in the world. The Flower Drill, P.T.display and aerobics displayed by our students gave the tips for a healthy living. The Hindi Skit performed by the High School students gave the message to make India a corruption-free country. The different dance performed by the primary student charmed the audience. The Chief Guest in his address said that it is the joint responsibility of the school and parents to make children physically and mentally strong and children should always be honest and do hard work to achieve success. The announcement by the Principal of the formation of Ex- Students Association (CESA) was the highlight of the Program. The dance performance at the end by the senior boys was highly applauded. Finally the vote of thanks was proposed by the Manager Rev.Sr. Theodorette. The Program was appreciated by everyone and was a great success.

Sports Day The importance of sports in the life of a student is invaluable .It helps to inculcate the spirit of sportsmanship among students. The sports Day was celebrated in our school on 17th December, 2013. At the beginning our Principal Sr.Basil welcomed the Chief Guest Mrs. K. Sahu , S.H.O, Kotra Road Raigarh with a bouquet. The Program started by lighting the sports torch by the Chief Guest. It was followed by March Past of all the four Houses Jyoti ,Preeti ,Neetu and Shanti. The stunts and the dance presented by the students were awesome. After that class wise events like frog jump, hopping race, balancing book, get ready for school, Jalebi race, thread and needle race, shuttle coke race, skipping race, back race, Chess in Perfect Place, slow cycle race, and relay race started. The winners were awarded medals and certificates by the Chief Guest. Events like lemon and spoon race, and 100 m race were also conducted for the teaching and non teaching staff. The award for the Best Sports Boy Champion was given to Sahil Sharma (X C) and the Best Sports girl was award to Abhilasha Ekka (XII). The Champions Shield was bagged by Jyoti House. The Chief Guest in her address said that sports help for the physical and overall development of a child and she was happy to see the students filled with the true sportsman spirit. She was presented with a memento by the Principal. It was a memorable day for the students.

Felicitation to Provincial Superior A warm welcome and felicitation was accorded to our Provincial Superior Rev. Sr. Jose Lynette on her official visit to our School on 17th December, 2013. she had a brief meeting with the staff in which she reminded about the vision and mission of the School and urged everyone to work hard to achieve it.

Plantation Day Every year Plantation day is celebrated in our School keeping in view the student’s contributions in keeping the environment clean and green. This year also the USM members celebrated Plantation Day on 20thDecember 2013.On this occasion each class presented a sapling to the school.

Anand Mela Anand Mela was held 20th December 2013to provide a helping hand to the needy. Both the teachers and students put in their efforts to make this event a successful one. There were many stalls of eatables like samosa, idli, Panipuri, bhel etc. which were enjoyed by the children. The money collected was used for charitable purpose.

Christmas Celebration The 65th Republic Day was celebrated with great patriotic fervour in our School on 26th January, 2014. The Chief Guest, Shri. Dayaram, a freedom fighter, unfurled the tricolours. The Program included March Past, Patriotic Songs P.T. Aerobics, dumbles and patriotic dance presented by both Hindi and English medium schools. The Chief Guest in his address exhorted the student to be responsible citizens and to safeguard the integrity of the country. The vote of thanks was proposed by Sr. Jaya Grace and after that sweets were distributed to the students. Our students also presented a patriotic Chhattisgarhi dance in the collectorate ground on this occasion.

Christmas Celebration The 65th Republic Day was celebrated with great patriotic fervour in our School on 26th January, 2014. The Chief Guest, Shri. Dayaram, a freedom fighter, unfurled the tricolours. The Program included March Past, Patriotic Songs P.T. Aerobics, dumbles and patriotic dance presented by both Hindi and English medium schools. The Chief Guest in his address exhorted the student to be responsible citizens and to safeguard the integrity of the country. The vote of thanks was proposed by Sr. Jaya Grace and after that sweets were distributed to the students. Our students also presented a patriotic Chhattisgarhi dance in the collectorate ground on this occasion.

Birth Anniversary of Our Foundress On the occasion of the birth anniversary of our Foundress Mother Teresa of St. Rose of Lima a prayer service was conducted on 29th January, 2014. and we were reminded of her vision of transforming the society into an equitable and harmonious one.

Martyr’s Day On 30th January, 2014, the death anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, a small prayer service was conducted in our morning assembly and floral tribute was paid to him.

Valediction ceremony Good byes are as much a part of life as the seasons of the Year. Following the tradition of bidding good bye to the outgoing students of class X and XII, the students of class IX and XI organised a valediction ceremony in the school campus On 30th January 2014.The program started with a prayer service in the morning . Our Principal in her inspiring speech advised the students to work hard and wished good luck for their future life. They were presented with a souvenir as a token of love. A short cultural programme was organized to entertain them. They were provided with snacks to enjoy.

Investiture Ceremony The investiture ceremony was conducted in the school on 30th January, 2014. On this Occasion the Principal thanked the last batch of student leaders for their dedicated service and efforts. The names of the new office bearers were announced and they were vestured with sash and badges as a symbol of official installation. The school flag was handed over to the newly appointed Head Boy and Head Girl as a mark of symbolic exchange of leadership.

Seminar for Teachers In todays fast growing world it is essential for each individual to update oneself, As teachers it is our responsibility to be not only efficient but effective. So the management conducted a seminar on 16th March 2013 to improve and develop each mentor in school. The resource person was Rev. Father Joseph Daniel SVD and the seminar was based on ‘Development of Prosocial Behaviour among Children. He emphasized the fact that as teachers it is our responsibility to make a difference in the life of students by focussing on their strengths and not only teaching them to earn a living but by teaching them to live their life. The seminar was very inspiring, informative and beneficial for the teachers.

Seminar for Students A seminar was conducted for students of class IX to XII by our Principal Sr. Basil on 24th August 2013. “Tips for Better Students” in which she gave many valuable tips for improving the studying habits among the students. She emphasized that the first step should be to set a goal and then we should work hard with determination and positive attitude to achieve the set target. The seminar enriched and enlighted the minds of the students and they promised to put these tips into practice. It was concluded with a prayer session.

Social Action Programs Learning is essentially a social activity and therefore to make our students socially conscious and responsible towards society and to instil in them the spirit of service, they were taken to Shishu Bhawan, Shanti Dham, Anand Ashram, Umeed School and a nearby village, in Raigarh.

Visit to Shishu Bhawan On 24th January 2014 a few students along with our teachers Mrs. Rajani Singh, Mrs.Beena Shaji and Mrs. Tannuja Dansena visited Shishu Bhawan at Rambhata Raigarh. There they met children who were either orphans or whose parents had abandoned them. Our student spent some time with these children and enjoyed with them. They distributed sweets, biscuits, other eatable, and toys to the children which made them very happy. The experience was shared with other students during the morning assembly.

Visit to Shanti Dhan On 28th January, 2014. a few students along with our teachers Mrs. Mala Maitry, Mrs. Shyamili Som and Sr. Veronica visited Shanti Dhan, a home for mentally retarded and a leprosy centre. There they met old, mentally challenged and leprosy affected people. These people soon became friendly with our students and shared their bitter life experiences how their children abandoned them when they needed them the most. The students distributed clothes and eatables to them. The experience was shared in the morning assembly, and appealed to everyone to be compassionate and empathetic towards the poor and sick.

Visit to Umeed School On 3rd February 2014, some of our students accompanied by our teachers Mrs. Savita, Mrs. Roja Rani, Miss Nitu and Mr. Vikas visited Umeed School near Pahad mandir where they met mentally and physically challenged students of the age group of 4 to 12 years. Our students distributed pen, pencils, copies and biscuits to them which made them very happy. The constant smiles on their faces inspired our students to be happy in difficult situation. The students shared their experiences in the morning assembly and exhorted everyone to understand the sorrows of these underprivileged ones.

Visit to Village It was a memorable experience for our students to visit a nearby village, Bermuda , along with our teachers Mr. Neeraj Poddar, Mr. Kalindi Rout and Sr. Veronica on 5th February, 2014. The people of the village were very happy to meet our students. They talked to our students regarding their occupation, life style etc. The students were surprised to see that these people were still unaware of the modern techniques of farming and realized that as good citizens we must help them as much as we can. They distributed clothes biscuits and other eatables to them. It was a learning experience for our student which was shared with others in the morning assembly.