Admission And Withdrawal Process

Documents Required at the time of admission

1. Attested copy of birth certificate issued by competent authority.

2. Countersigned Transfer Certificate (T.C) of the previous School (Original)

3. on passport size Colour photo graphs of the student.

4. Caste Certificate.

5. Previous year’s mark sheet The parents or the guardian who fills the admission form is responsible for the child and shall pay all the dues to the school. If a) parent wishes to withdraw his child from school, he should give a written application to the Principal. Transfer certificate will be issued after three days, only if and when all dues are paid in full to the school.

2.School authorities have the right to refuse admission or continuation of studies to any candidate/student whose conduct, attendance or progress in studies is unsatisfactory, such as:

a)Behavior problems.

b) Moral breach considered serious by the school authority

c) Involving in activities that are detrimental to the unity, integrity and secular spirit of the country d)Constant weakness in studies.

3. a) before withdrawal of a student from the school one month’s notice in writing must be given by the parents or else a month’s tuition fee in’ lieu of such notice will be charged.

b) Rs. 100/- will be charged as transfer certificate fee, No transfer certificate is issued until all dues to the school have been paid in full.

c) Fees are the due as long as a pupil’s name is on the roll.